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Description of Luzerne in the late 1700's
Luzerne village is located in a sandy, piney region, entirely free from miasma or malaria, and for this reason is highly recommended by physicians for all who are liable to pulmonary complaints. It has an elevation of between seven and eight hundred feet above tide-water, and about four hundred feet above Lake George. In the purity of its atmosphere it is unsurpassed. The difference in the moisture between this and the seashore is shown by the hydrometer to be twenty degrees. Children and others who have been brought here almost at the very point of death, have recovered, and shortly put on the full blush of vigorous health.

Foothills Veterinary Service’s  livestock consultant Tammy Gorzalka graduated from the Wyoming School of Animal Technology in 1978. She then went to work for Dr. Lance and Sue Moxey in 1979, where she broadened her strong interest in the livestock industry.  Over the years, she has developed a valuable knowledge base of vaccine programs and has been instrumental in insuring the health of the area’s herds.  She is available to tailor a program for your herd and strives to keep producers informed of new products and opportunities.  Tammy is a vital link between our veterinarian and ranchers, providing valuable information with a smile.  She attempts to garden yearly and loves to can, fish, watch team roping and be outside. However, Tammy’s family is her number one love. She married her husband Lenard in 1980 they have two daughters and grandchildren that are the center of her world. Contact Us 307-763-4525 Emergency services are available.
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Foothills - New WorldFoothills - New WorldFoothills - New WorldFoothills - New World