Jblind - sensory transmission

Authentic Practices for Assessing Skills of Young Children With Sensory Impairments and Multiple Disabilities --Chen, Deborah; Rowland, Charity; Stillman, Robert; Mar, Harvey. EARLY CHILDHOOD SERVICES, vol. 3, #4, pp. 323-338. (2009) The article reports the results of a qualitative study of assessment practices for children who are deaf-blind. It involved in-depth interviews with 14 professionals representing different disciplines in one state and a focused interview with a group of 10 experts from 10 different state deaf-blind technical assistance (TA) projects. In addition, family perspectives were collected via e-mailed responses to two questions by 12 family specialists from state deaf-blind TA projects and survey responses from 62 parents of children who are deaf-blind. The data indicate similar concerns about challenges assessing young children with sensory impairments and multiple disabilities--in particular, a lack of appropriate assessment instruments and frequent use of traditional and standardized procedures that result in faulty or inadequate information about a child. The article concludes by providing specific considerations and suggestions for conducting authentic assessments in this population of children.

J Blind - Sensory TransmissionJ Blind - Sensory TransmissionJ Blind - Sensory TransmissionJ Blind - Sensory Transmission