Vibe tribe - our purpose

I always use my oracle cards to track the dominant energy affecting us all as well as asking to see the next right action so we can all evolve in a way that raises our vibe together. The tribe is important as we can experience a more positive outlook when we are in a community dedicated to unity. We can co-create miracles when “ two or more are gathered”. The I AM presence (Spirit, God, The Dude, Universe etc.) is ignited when we focus on love, acceptance, forgiveness, courage and truth.

Considering we are going from water buckets in the desert of Africa to communal bathrooms in an American university dorm, I would say I am asking my child to make a pretty big leap!  And I have observed that not many TCKs do it with a great amount of success.

Vibe Tribe - Our PurposeVibe Tribe - Our PurposeVibe Tribe - Our PurposeVibe Tribe - Our Purpose