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The magnificent spires of the Avani Riverside Mall, looming large over the placid waters of the Hooghly are a sight reminiscent of the French Riviera. Located close to the 2nd Hooghly Bridge and overlooking the waterfront, the breathtaking structure can be visible from far and wide. And if its splendid exteriors aren’t riveting enough, its surreal interiors are bound to floor your senses. It is undoubtedly an architectural marvel that has captivated the hearts and wallets of Kolkata’s shopaholics. The state of the art mall covers an expansive 600,000 square feet area and is equipped with all the modern amenities and facilities that could rival other shopping malls. Within its premises, you will find some of the world’s most celebrated retail brands. The inception of the Avani Mall was a pioneering feat of sorts. It is the first ever mega mall established in the Howrah district and the first of its kind in eastern India to install a multi-screen PVR to deliver a cinematic experience like never before. Reliance’ flagship offerings – TDIT, Reliance Trends and Timeout have established flourishing stores within the mall. Shoppers can find an entire gamut of items ranging from consumer durables to clothing, books and DVD’s all under one roof. The mall also includes several avant-garde stores and kiosks that offer offbeat and quirky goods and items. Avani Riverside Mall is also notable for having the largest food court in east India. Foodies can pick from a wide selection of American, Italian, Chinese, Mexican and Indian restaurants.

With the 1885 discovery of gold in Transvaal, thousands of British and other prospectors and settlers streamed over the border from the Cape Colony and from across the globe. The city of Johannesburg sprang up as a shanty town nearly overnight as the uitlanders poured in and settled near the mines. The uitlanders rapidly outnumbered the Boers on the Witwatersrand, but remained a minority in the Transvaal as a whole. The Afrikaners, nervous and resentful of the uitlander presence, denied them voting rights and taxed the gold industry heavily. In response, there was pressure from the uitlanders and the British mine owners to overthrow the Boer government. In 1895, Cecil Rhodes sponsored a failed coup d'état backed by an armed incursion, known as the Jameson Raid.

In late 1970, Daniel Alomía Robles' son Armando Robles Godoy , a Peruvian filmmaker, filed a successful copyright lawsuit against Paul Simon. The grounds for the lawsuit extended that the song had been composed by his father, who had copyrighted the song in the United States in 1933. [2] Armando Robles Godoy has said that he bears no ill will towards Paul Simon for what he considers a "misunderstanding" and an "honest mistake". [4]

For me, writing from the perspective of Asian characters is an act of conscience. I want to do what I can to counter stereotypical points of view. For instance, many of the earliest Chinese immigrants to America came to do hard labor in the gold mines, railroads, and factories on the West Coast. That’s true. But that led to the widespread belief that Chinese were uneducated “coolies” who stole jobs from Americans, and the . Congress passed a law banning Chinese immigrant workers in 1882. When I found out that more than a hundred Chinese boys came to the United States to study in that same era, that contradicted the stereotype. Many of these students got into Columbia, Yale, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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The Coolies - Dig..?The Coolies - Dig..?The Coolies - Dig..?The Coolies - Dig..?